How to Have a Successful School Fundraiser

Seasonal & Special Events Ideas

Each year, students look forward to game nights at the school and chances to win prizes when selling items like candy bars and wrapping paper. These school fundraisers not only provide extra cash for school programs, they also create entertainment and teachable moments for the kids. So, let’s make sure the next fundraiser is a huge success for everyone.

Plan and Organize the Event

Start by forming a committee to oversee the entire process. Include parents from PTA meetings, teachers and members of the local community who want to help. Map out everything that needs to be accomplished, then set deadlines and list a person to be in charge of each item.

At the initial meeting, brainstorm answers to these questions:

  • What type of fundraiser do we want to have?
  • What is our ultimate goal?
  • Who can help with this project?
  • Can we get donations from area businesses to offset some of the costs?
  • Where and when do we have the event?
  • How much money do we have to invest in this fundraiser?

Advertise and Promote the Fundraiser

fundraiser banner

Once you’ve decided on the type of fundraiser and how it will all come together, let everyone know! At the school, post banners and make announcements on the PA system so the children are aware of the project.

Then, send home a letter to parents, post on the school’s social media accounts and place an advertisement in the local newspaper. This will help reach out to members of the community, so they’re aware of the activities going on at the school, and be more likely to participate.

Depending on the type of fundraiser, consider contacting the local television station, radio show hosts and newspaper for possible coverage of the event to generate more awareness of the activities the school is doing, which will boost the attendance and participate in future fundraisers for the school.

Follow Through with a Positive Experience

Once it’s time for the event, fulfill all the promise you’ve made — and then some. If you’ve advertised a kid’s carnival packed with games and prizes, be sure the school gym is transformed into a magical place every kid wants to visit. If you’re selling chocolate bars, have enough candy on hand to meet the demands of the local buyers. The last thing you want to do is plan a fundraiser and not be able to follow through.

Finally, follow-up after the fundraiser to see how everyone liked the event. Did the students enjoy selling items? Did parents think the event was worth while? Did the teachers feel appreciated for their extra efforts throughout the fundraiser? Learn how to improve so your next fundraiser is even more successful!

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