4 Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress

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avoid holiday stress

Holiday cheer quickly fades when you’re bumping elbows with tense shoppers at understaffed stores, creating dinner party plans to meet five different dietary needs, and finishing up travel plans on a small budget. Fortunately, holiday stress doesn’t have to ruin the season. You can avoid holiday stress by keeping a positive mindset, taking a few shortcuts, and having a little…

How to Find the Perfect Holiday Greeting Card for Anyone [Infographic]

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perfect holiday card featured

Are you struggling to find holiday greeting cards for everyone in your life? When shopping for holiday cards for family, friends, coworkers, or valued customers, you want to send them a card that suits their personality. Your grandma may not appreciate a card with whimsical cartoons like your best friend would, and you wouldn’t want to send a card wishing…

#ThrowbackThursday: The 5 Best 90s School Supplies

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90s school supplies

As most kids who grew up in the 90s know, school supply shopping wasn’t just throwing random supplies into a cart and calling it a day. Instead, choosing supplies was a feat that required finding the coolest binders, the best pens and pencils, and all the latest gadgets to show off your style. To pay tribute to those bygone days…

How to Maximize Time at a Networking Event

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Hob nobbing with colleagues and professionals in your industry comes with a few rules. If you want to maximize your time at a networking event, remember it is a work function. After-party karaoke is fine. Keg stands are not. Here’s how to keep your next meeting classy and professional, with an emphasis on productivity. Practice Active Listening It’s easy to…

Calendar Tips for Staying Organized

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Calendar Tips for Staying Organized PaperDirect

It’s a hectic world out there, and it seems like the harder you work and the more success you achieve, the more hectic it becomes. If you want to be successful, it takes more than just hard work; it takes planning and organization. Of all the modern day apps and tools available, nothing has found a way to improve on…

Who Knew? Fun Facts About Paper of the Past

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Since the beginning of time, mankind has struggled to find the perfect way to express himself. Once spoken language was mastered, the struggle to put those words on something permanent began. Artisans throughout history used everything from clay and papyrus to wood and slate in the search for a permanent, but portable means of communicating through the written word. Then,…

Staying in Touch With Your Pen Pal over the Summer

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Just because the school year has ended doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your buddies. You can stay in touch with your in-person friends by transforming them into penpal friends.  While pen pals aren’t as common as they once were, they remain a terrific way to maintain a strong and solid connection through the art of letter writing….

Enter to Win PaperDirect’s Summer Paper Giveaway

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It’s time to get stocked up on summer stationery with PaperDirect’s Summer Paper Giveaway! Whether you’re hosting a summer party or just looking to add to your collection, head over to our Facebook page and enter our Summer Paper Giveaway. One lucky winner will receive their choice of up to $100 worth of summer-themed paper products. Don’t miss your chance…

Things Only Stationery Lovers Will Understand

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Some people collect shoes. Others collect statues. And then there’s a special breed of folks who can’t help but collect stationery. We are the letter writers. The poets. The romantics. The people who preserve the art of hand-written correspondence. We are, indeed, the stationery lovers. If you happen to fall into the stationery lovers category, then you certainly know how…

The Ultimate Checklist for Classroom Paper Supplies

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The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it wouldn’t be all that mighty without something to write on. The same holds true with markers, crayons, pencils, or any other writing instrument you may have in your elementary classroom. These instruments are only mighty if they have the right paper to compliment their excellence. And this ultimate checklist for…

What are the Most Important Employee Benefits? [Poll]

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most important employee benefits

There are a whole slew of employee benefits these days. From ESOPs to nap rooms, we wanted to do some digging and see, out of the most-common benefits, which are most important to our readers. Cast your vote below for either: Healthcare plan contribution 401(k) Bonus Potential Flexible Scheduling Ability to work from home Plentiful paid time off Sabbaticals

Enter to Win PaperDirect’s Recognition Giveaway!

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Recognition Giveaway

It’s time to recognize your employees with PaperDirect’s Recognition Giveaway! Head over to our Facebook page where you can enter our most recent giveaway and earn $200 in product plus $25 in design services. It’s finally time to start a recognition program at your place of work. We’re making it easy! Enter here Giveaway Details Prizes– Two winners will receive one prize of…

Why You Need Office Snacks for Your Employees

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Why You Need Office Snacks for Your Employees

Businesses offer a wide range of benefits to make their employees feel appreciated. However, nothing quite wins workers over like free food. “Because when it comes to employee perks, few things are as simply satisfying as free food and drinks — which, it turns out, are also just good business,” Hadley Malcolm shared in USA Today. “According to a new…

How to Hold Engaging, Useful Meetings Each & Every Week

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Business Meeting

Meetings are a necessary evil. Nobody likes to see them pop up on their calendar, but the results often lead to constructive collaboration and much-needed face time with colleagues. Make your next get together productive and appreciated by following these tips! Prepare and Distribute an Agenda At least 24 hours before the meeting, send a copy of the agenda via…

Handwritten Letter Services We Love

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Handwritten Letter Services

Admit it. You smile each time you see a hand-addressed card arrive in your mailbox. So, why not put that same smile on your customers’ faces? There’s a cool new trend among business owners to send handwritten notes to their top supporters. But before you groan at the thought of spending hours penning witty words of gratitude, listen up. Handwritten…

Enter to Win Free Holiday Greeting Cards from PaperDirect!

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2016 Holiday Contest

Enter to win free holiday cards in our latest giveaway! Contest Dates: Now through November 23, 2016 Prize: Select your choice of holiday cards, up to $82.99 in value. (that’s a lot of cards!) Whether you use your winnings for business or pleasure, that’s’ up to you. This package is perfect for a small business trying to communicate well wishes…

Enter PaperDirect’s Fall Paper Giveaway!

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Attention shoppers! We’ve got a fall paper giveaway starting today, celebrating the arrival of fall and the wonderful promotions your business or school can do with colorful paper. The contest runs from Now- September 30, 2016, and the winner receives $50 credit towards any fall paper purchase. Here’s a quick preview of the fun products to choose from. [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] How to Enter…

Buying Local=Buying Better (Free Image Download)

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Buy local, but better print

Even in this age of one-click shopping from basically anywhere in the world, there’s a satisfaction that can’t be matched from buying local. That satisfaction applies to both local shoppers and local business owners, and you can encourage the practice with a Free Image Download (LINK) to print out and hang in your storefront window. Just in case you need…

How Small Businesses Can Collect More Email Addresses

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capture Email addresses

Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with customers directly and build brand loyalty. So how do you go about collecting more email addresses? There are a lot of options available to you, using in-person and traditional forms of marketing (offline) and gathering emails electronically (online). Catch our first post in this mini-series here. It’ll teach you…

Email Best Practices for Small Businesses

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email marketing for small business

This is the first in our two-part series about using email for your small business. Email is a flexible, low-cost way to engage your customers. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason your customers are inundated with emails every day. Some emails go directly into a spam folder, while others just pile up unread in an inbox, destined for the trash bin….