How to Hold Engaging, Useful Meetings Each & Every Week

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Business Meeting

Meetings are a necessary evil. Nobody likes to see them pop up on their calendar, but the results often lead to constructive collaboration and much-needed face time with colleagues. Make your next get together productive and appreciated by following these tips! Prepare and Distribute an Agenda At least 24 hours before the meeting, send a copy of the agenda via…

Handwritten Letter Services We Love

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Handwritten Letter Services

Admit it. You smile each time you see a hand-addressed card arrive in your mailbox. So, why not put that same smile on your customers’ faces? There’s a cool new trend among business owners to send handwritten notes to their top supporters. But before you groan at the thought of spending hours penning witty words of gratitude, listen up. Handwritten…

Enter to Win Free Holiday Greeting Cards from PaperDirect!

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2016 Holiday Contest

Enter to win free holiday cards in our latest giveaway! Contest Dates: Now through November 23, 2016 Prize: Select your choice of holiday cards, up to $82.99 in value. (that’s a lot of cards!) Whether you use your winnings for business or pleasure, that’s’ up to you. This package is perfect for a small business trying to communicate well wishes…

Enter PaperDirect’s Fall Paper Giveaway!

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Attention shoppers! We’ve got a fall paper giveaway starting today, celebrating the arrival of fall and the wonderful promotions your business or school can do with colorful paper. The contest runs from Now- September 30, 2016, and the winner receives $50 credit towards any fall paper purchase. Here’s a quick preview of the fun products to choose from. [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] How to Enter…

Buying Local=Buying Better (Free Image Download)

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Buy local, but better print

Even in this age of one-click shopping from basically anywhere in the world, there’s a satisfaction that can’t be matched from buying local. That satisfaction applies to both local shoppers and local business owners, and you can encourage the practice with a Free Image Download (LINK) to print out and hang in your storefront window. Just in case you need…

How Small Businesses Can Collect More Email Addresses

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capture Email addresses

Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with customers directly and build brand loyalty. So how do you go about collecting more email addresses? There are a lot of options available to you, using in-person and traditional forms of marketing (offline) and gathering emails electronically (online). Catch our first post in this mini-series here. It’ll teach you…

Email Best Practices for Small Businesses

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email marketing for small business

This is the first in our two-part series about using email for your small business. Email is a flexible, low-cost way to engage your customers. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason your customers are inundated with emails every day. Some emails go directly into a spam folder, while others just pile up unread in an inbox, destined for the trash bin….

10 Qualities Your Team Leaders Should Have

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While it’s been said that great leaders are born that way, others can certainly be made by developing and fine-tuning a number of must-have qualities. Here come the top 10 qualities to look for in your own team leaders to ensure they lead with conviction, determination and get the job done. Communication Whether your leaders are verbally outlining instructions for…

Things to Consider When Creating an Employee Handbook

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employee handbook

Companies spend tons of money and time communicating to clients and potential leads, but sometimes businesses forget the importance of speaking to their employees. A crucial communication tool for a business is its documented stance on company rules, culture, and structure. Given to everyone who works for your company, there’s a lot to consider when creating an employee handbook. Brand…

Postcard Design 101: Tips for a Strong Message

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concise copy

Postcards can be small in size, but they can make a huge impact when it comes to getting people to pay attention to your business. Unlike other types of direct mail, postcards are already opened and screaming to be noticed. Ensure your postcards get a second glance with these savvy postcard design tips. Pick a purpose Unless you truly have…

Enter PaperDirect’s Certificate Giveaway

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paperdirect certificate contest

At PaperDirect, employee appreciation matters to us. We believe that employees are happier and more productive when they feel appreciated. That’s why we’re giving away a custom set of specialty certificates to one lucky winner on our Facebook page. All you need to do is visit our page, enter your email address, and push a button (we like to make this…

How to Be Happier at Work in 2016

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Happiness at work is on the rise, with 86 percent of US employees reporting job satisfaction in 2014, the most recent yearly rundown available. The Society for Human Resource Management noted satisfaction levels were up 5 percent from the previous year, and you can boost it even further in 2016 with a few easy yet essential ways to increase your own…

5 Essentials for a Productive Home Office Space

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home office essentials

What does it take to make a really outstanding and productive home office? The obvious, sure- quietude, suitable lighting, lack of clutter, ample storage. But if the obvious sufficed, you probably wouldn’t be here. Our solutions are less common but just as intuitive once you see them. Try applying a few of these hacks to obtain your most productive home…

Save Your Sanity! 5 Inbox Organization Tips

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Cartoonist, illustrator, and children’s author Sir Quentin Blake once said, “I have an assistant who’s very good at email, so I don’t struggle with it.” For those who can’t afford to hire an assistant, handling the deluge daily of emails can be a challenging task. Sometimes, it seems an impossible chore to manage all of your email correspondences with all…