Why Santa Must Be a Woman

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Santa Must Be a Woman.

We all know the image of Jolly Old Saint Nick with his flowing white beard, twinkling eyes, and red velvet suit. But maybe we have it all wrong. What if Santa is actually a woman?

We have our suspicions, and here’s why:

  1. No man could rock red velvet like a woman could.

  2. Santa is a great planner.

  3. Santa is a great manager.

  4. Women always know just the right gift.

  5. Men never read their mail.

  6. Santa always knows just the right size for clothes and shoes.

  7. Santa is excellent at managing a team.

  8. Santa remembers Christmas. Every single year.

  9. Santa starts preparing for Christmas a year in advance, not the day before.

  10. Who else would take the time to wrap gifts beautifully when they will only unwrapped in a flash?

  11. If Santa were a man, everyone would wake up on Christmas to find As Seen on TV  or bacon related gifts.

  12. If Santa were a man, gifts would arrive late because Santa would spend hours lost instead of asking for directions.

  13. A man would give his reindeer dude names like “Harley”.

  14. Santa can sit around all day listening to children’s requests and still look jolly.

  15. Santa is a master multitasker.

We all love the traditional Saint Nick. If Santa is a guy, we know he has some awesome behind-the-scenes support from Mrs. Claus!

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