5 Essentials for a Productive Home Office Space

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What does it take to make a really outstanding and productive home office? The obvious, sure- quietude, suitable lighting, lack of clutter, ample storage.

But if the obvious sufficed, you probably wouldn’t be here. Our solutions are less common but just as intuitive once you see them. Try applying a few of these hacks to obtain your most productive home office.

The Right Hat

Chris Baty, founder of National Novel Writing Month, has penned over a dozen books… all while wearing a novelty cowboy hat. Why? It reminds him it’s time to write.

A conspicuous totem can tap your productivity mode too. It doesn’t have to be silly, just something that’s hard to ignore. A bright tie, chunky bracelet, swanky watch, or sleek blazer will serve. If it lives in your office and means business, it’s an important psychological prop for your productive home office.

Lots of Paper!

Evernote, Google Docs, texting yourself- if you’re in the habit of using electronics to make notes, give it up. As cool as these tools are, handwriting still trumps them in the memory department.

Writing activates your reticular activating system (RAS), a group of cells that literally make ideas stick to your brain. Typing just isn’t as efficient for RAS function, wasting your precious thoughts and momentum.

Go old school. Flash cards and stationery are where its at.

woman working from home Exercise Equipment

It’s alright to take breaks. Just make sure you’re taking meaningful breaks.

When you’re stuck and frustrated, there’s nothing like little exertions to shake it off. They refocus your mind and get the gears running smoothly again. So consider a piece of equipment exclusive to your productive home office. We’re especially fond of folding exercise bikes and door mounted pull up bars- unobtrusiveness, but packed with tons of punch.

Standing Desks

Standing work gives you a sense of urgency that sitting can’t match. Just ask companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook that are rapidly adopting standing desks. Add to that the recent studies linking standing desks to increased health and decreased obesity and you’ve got a knockout notion!

Not sure if you want to commit to standing work? Just improvise a lift on your desk and see how you like it. Alternatively, there are many fine desks that adjust height with your mood.

Give a Little Gratitude

If you’re a conscientious worker, your stock of thank you cards should be as plentiful as your business cards. They’re the secret weapon for steady work.

Despite the time-honored tradition, most organizational leaders report a sharp decline in thank you notes. That makes sending prompt and lively gratitude a career advantage for you. According to a study by LinkedIn, a simple handwritten thank you note can influence recipients up to three months!

The lesson is clear- gratitude and hustle go hand in hand. Get some custom stationery printed. Next time you find yourself in a lull, send a little love your clients’ way. It’ll keep you rolling in work and justify that productive home office.