How an Awesome Office Space Can Boost Productivity

Office Fun

Going to the office can often be a bore because the office space is drab and boring. A few simple yet significant changes can turn a blah office into a brilliant one, resulting in an increase in productivity, satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Lots of Light: Lots of Action

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A window-filled office flooded with natural lights can help keep employees focused on their tasks 15 percent longer than those who work in windowless environments. If windows are tough to come by in your office environment, you can always opt for desk or floor lamps designed to mimic natural light, which have been shown to reduce seasonal affective disorder, decrease fatigue and improve overall mood.

Indoor Plants: Indoor Harmony

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Interior landscaping that brings the great outdoors indoors signals to employees that you care about their welfare. A Queensland study also shows it can increase productivity by up to 15 percent. Go beyond a desktop fern or two, and consider investing in an overall plant scheme for your entire office interior.

Softer Colors: Sharper Focus

Even if your brand is bold and notable, you don’t necessarily want your interior paint job to be. Bold colors have actually been shown to overstimulate workers, while softer shades tend to sharpen their focus. The worst choices may be red, for its link to increased anxiety, or all-white, for its distinctly clinical feel. Blue ranks highest for promoting productivity.

Freedom of Movement: Freedom of Creativity

Ergonomic chairs and desks are all the rage, but your employees will work best if they have the option of getting out of them to move around. A variety of different seating options can help, as can space to walk around, both of which can provide a fresh perspective and boost creativity.

Streamlined Décor: Streamlined Results

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Whether it’s on the walls, the floor or strewn across every visible desk, clutter is a huge no-no for productivity. Install plenty of shelving, storage, and filing cabinet units as needed to ensure all paperwork and books can be stashed neatly and out of the way.

Although you don’t want your walls exploding with tons of loud and distracting artwork, you also don’t want that same clinical feel found with the all-white, unadorned walls. Go for a few strategically placed, morale-boosting items, such as certificates of achievement near the copy machine, award plaques by the front door, or inspirational photos or posters down the hallway.

Improved Atmosphere: Improved Performance

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Top air quality leads to top performance, as does just the right temperature. Optimum productivity and fewer typing errors were found in offices that were about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, which is typically higher than many office thermostats.

Fresh air can bring a fresh perspective while also reducing indoor air pollution. Open windows when possible and feasible, or consider an air filter for improved air circulation and quality.

Don’t wait for your employees to fall asleep at their desks to make the suggested changes. The quicker you implement these few quick tips, the faster your workforce can improve.