Calendar Tips for Staying Organized

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Calendar Tips for Staying Organized PaperDirect

It’s a hectic world out there, and it seems like the harder you work and the more success you achieve, the more hectic it becomes. If you want to be successful, it takes more than just hard work; it takes planning and organization. Of all the modern day apps and tools available, nothing has found a way to improve on the organizational benefits of a good, old-fashioned calendar.

Go With a Paper Calendar

Sure, you have a smartphone and your smartphone has a calendar, but what good is it doing you really? There is a real benefit to owning and carrying a pocket calendar. The act of writing down a future event makes you more likely to remember it, and having a physical calendar will remind you to keep an eye on it.

In short, carrying a pocket calendar like any of the expansive line from PaperDirect is a great way to prioritize your schedule right from the beginning.

Color Code It

If you find yourself using your pocket calendar at one location more than any others, consider keeping a selection of different color pens or markers on hand so that you can color code your upcoming events. Not only will this help keep your events distinct from one another, but it can also be a good bit of fun in an otherwise business-like day.

Number Your Day’s Events By Priority

Make a habit of checking the next day’s events at the end of each day and take the time to number them in order of priority. This will help you get your mind set on the next day’s tasks and give you a little time to prepare to tackle them in the most obvious order.

Check Things Off As You Complete Them

It’s a truly exceptional feeling when you cross off a chore or event after it’s been accomplished. Satisfaction and accomplishment accompany planning a task and then carrying it out. It really is the emotional payoff for keeping yourself organized, and you shouldn’t miss the chance to celebrate your hard work.

Stick With It

Being organized is like hitting the gym. It’s one of those things that you just have to keep working on, even when you’d prefer to just slide back into your old routine. It might not help you drop pounds like working out, but if you get organized and stay organized, it will lower your stress levels by a measurable factor.

Check out PaperDirect’s pocket calendars today and get started on a new, organized you.