New Events For Your School To Try In 2019

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Keeping high school students involved and entertained is extremely important for school spirit.  You can create more fun surrounding the school year with new events that haven’t been tried out before. Sending out the right invitations or announcements is a great step into the right direction.

Graduation Lunch:

High School graduation is an important and sometimes nerve wracking milestone for high school students. By inviting the graduating class to an outdoor lunch, they’ll relieve some stress and hang out with their classmates one last time.  At this event you can highlight the students who have excelled in their academics.

Spring Sports Invite:

Highlighting those exceptional student athletes is great for school spirit. A Spring Sport Invite is great for coaches, athletes, and parents to meet each other.  These athletes can be awarded with pins, certificates, and awards for above and beyond sportsmanship.

Harvest Fest:

A Harvest Fest carnival is a great way to raise money for Prom, Homecoming, or the Senior All Night Party. At your Harvest Fest carnival you can sell shirts, tumblers, and more! Decorate your fall carnival with banners, table tents, stylish papers, and more!

Student Led Conferences:

Add a twist to your conferences by having your students run them! Students can showcase their academic strengths on stylish paper and create portfolios with customizable folders. These elements will set your students up for a professional and comfortable meeting with their parents on how they’re doing at school.

Holiday Spectacular:

The holiday season is perfect for a choir and band concert. Invite your students and their families to an event that’ll get them in the holiday spirit. Holiday programs are great for displaying your event details and showcasing the students that are performing.

These five event ideas are fantastic ways to increase school spirit and engagement. Creating fun and new events is perfect for keeping students interested and engaged. Don’t forget to check PaperDirect for all the materials you need to create the perfect event.