4 Creative Ways to Boost Sales on Social this Spring

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Your customers crave social media. They browse Facebook before getting out of bed, retweet from the bathroom and pin photos of their lunch before taking a bite. What does that mean? Harness that social media addiction! Your business needs to get focused and launch a killer spring marketing campaign if you want to see warm-weather sales skyrocket. It’s no longer…

How to Reach Out After Losing Touch

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Everyone has that long lost cousin who only shows up at holiday dinners and weddings. They pretend to be your best buddy on the one day of the year you actually connect — and it’s obnoxious. The same holds true for business contacts. It’s normal to lose touch. But, when it’s time to reconnect, be honest and enticing. Here’s how…

Creative Touch Points for the Sales Team

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sales team

We are living in an increasingly automated world. Marketing automation in particular has taken the marketing and sales world by storm, helping us save time and – if we do it right – improve conversions and sales through highly customized outreach efforts. The downside to all this automation, though, is that some marketers and sales professionals are getting less personal…

How to Choose a Social Media Platform for Your Business

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Social media has transformed the marketing landscape for businesses of all sizes in every industry. While these channels offer companies opportunities to generate leads, using the right social media platform is crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. With all the choices, it’s hard to know which social media platforms your business needs to invest its marketing budget…

Client Touch Points: A Proper List

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client touch points

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person,” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said. “You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”   Any time a potential lead or current client engages with your brand, they are interacting with one of your company’s touch points. Whether a customer is visiting your website or receiving…

How to Advertise Your Special Event

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The big one is approaching. Whether it’s a grand opening, new product launch or your company’s making a huge announcement, you have to let everyone know. Start planning your special event promotion tactics ASAP. Create a hashtag Think of a clever one to three word phrase that amplifies your special event. Or, use the event slogan, name or acronym. Then…

What to Include in an Employee Newsletter

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Employee Newsletter

An employee newsletter is instrumental when it comes to motivating and educating your workforce. Most employees are keen to gain some insight on the inner workings of their company, whether they tell you directly or not. As such, a newsletter is an excellent way to disseminate information on a large scale. Even better, you can spice up your newsletter and…

How to Send Last Minute Greeting Cards to Clients & Partners

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It happens. Running a business is a multi-faceted series of tasks, and sometimes, you forget to do something. This time of year, many business owners are realizing it slipped their minds to send out holiday greeting cards. With Black Friday a distant memory, the holiday season is already in full-swing and you’re wondering how to send last minute greeting cards…

How to Plan Your 2016 Marketing Budget

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2016 budget

Of course as 2016 rapidly approaches, executives are wondering how to plan a marketing budget for the new year. With so many channels to market your business, determining where to spend your company’s budget can be quite the challenge. With these four steps, learn how to plan a marketing budget for 2016 that engages your potential leads and current clients….