5 Genius Ways to Brand Your Business

Designing Your Business Communication

When it comes to branding your business, there are dozens of ways to do it. However, most of those ways are the same ways everyone else is doing it. What you’ve got to do is use your imagination and a little bit of genius to exploit existing ways to brand your business that other people aren’t doing. Here are a few quick, but smart ways to get your brand noticed:

1) We all have hobbies, and there are all sorts of hobby forums on the internet. While you’re exploring your hobby at these forums, you’ll make posts. If you make your brand and business name a part of your signature, every time you post, whether you start one, or reply to one, you’ll be exposing your brand and business.

2) Even if you don’t have much to Tweet or to blog about, using Twitter will also give your business and brand extra “reach”. And using services and sites that “explode” your message across a lot of sites at once, more and more people will get to see your “taglines”

3) Have inexpensive items made up like pens, notepads, or sticky notes that have your business name on them. While that seems rather old school, if you use those as items for sale on eBay and other auction sites, using a wide variety of placements, you’re actually using those sites to expand your business and brand reach

4) Do the same type of thing with Craigslist posts. While you probably won’t sell the pens or notepads directly, you will catch enough eyes to have interest in your business strictly from your approach.

5) Use YouTube videos to expand your reach. Not only will the clips hit YouTube pages directly to expand your branding, but you can use the links in your blogs and emails to catch even more attention.

The internet has given us new ways that people connect together. Between social sites, YouTube and direct sales venues, there is a whole new world of opportunities available to put your brand and your business in front of people in ways not even dreamed of 5 years ago.