How You Can Create a Branded Website Cheaply

Designing Your Business Communication

Used to be, creating a website to push your brand and your business would cost a thousand dollars up front, and hundreds of dollars more per year to maintain. But with today’s economy, the tools available for free on the internet, and a few minutes of your time, you can create a totally branded website that’s all about you and your business for less than $50 a year. And that includes a domain name!

When it comes to getting a website on the cheap, use Google to find a hosting company that will take care of your needs. Usually, a “branding” website isn’t going to need much to get across the business name, a couple of pictures and some contact information, and there are a lot of hosting companies that are available for as little as $4 a month. That means for $48, you’ve got your site hosted for a year.

Next, going to a domain registrar and getting a domain registered for a year would usually cost you another $10 or so for a year, but a lot of the same web hosting companies will give away free domain names for the first year which means you don’t have to pay anything extra for that.

Last, you can either use online tools, or if you’ve got a program like Microsoft Word that lets you save off your document as a web page, you don’t have to spend anything extra for big name software packages to build your website. And the self-same hosting companies very often have ways for you to directly upload your site once it’s finished.

No longer is building a one page branding website a huge thing. Look around the ‘net a little, and spend a little time playing on your computer and you’ve just created your very own branding site, all ready for you to include on your business cards, letterhead and emails.