Writing Effective Newsletters

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Regardless of whether you’re a small company or a large company, letting both your employees and your clients know what is going on with your organization is a very good way of showing your company is strong, plugged in. Having effective newsletters give employees and clients alike the ability to stay up to date on corporate ideas, goals and provides a sense of community. When it comes to writing effective newsletters, there are some handy tips to keep in mind.

Use a consistent look and feel. While some may think this is a dated approach, what it does is shows that level of consistency both employees and customers want out of a company.

  1. Have input from the CEO/President as the lead article. Even if its ghost written by the secretary, when a new newsletter comes out, people want to have the word from the top.
  2. Don’t be afraid to put economic data and indicators so you have an effective newsletter. People get the fact that today’s economy is volatile, and would prefer to know the truth, good or bad, about where a company stands.
  3. Foster that sense of community by having events such as company picnics and get-togethers where clients and employees can network and build relationships that transcend the company walls.
  4. Point out significant milestones for employees, clients and their families. When high school and college students graduate, have a listing of the students in the “corporate family” that have graduated.
  5. To enhance that sense of family, point out events of difficulty such as illnesses or deaths so those people can receive sympathy from their fellow employees or from clients.
  6. Another aspect of an effective newsletter is to include items to celebrate such as births and weddings as well.

In today’s world, business isn’t just about buying and selling products or providing a service. The best businesses involve their employees and their clients in the building process as no one knows better what they want from a company than the client and no one knows better what the company can provide better than the employees. Effective newsletters shows everyone working together to build a business based on client needs and employee capabilities means your business will continue to grow. And as it grows, it’ll continue to get stronger and more stable, enabling the clients and employees to feel even better about being a part of it.