How to Create Business Emails

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In today’s business market, things move quickly. This means information has to flow as quickly as possible from one person to another so opportunities don’t get missed and issues can be handled. That means using email to get written data back and forth as well as sending attachments of documents and spreadsheets. But writing effective business emails isn’t as easy as you may think. There has to be a blend of what you need plus a bit of appreciation so the receiver doesn’t feel totally put upon by your requests.

Business emails are just that. They’re Business. But that doesn’t mean they have to be brisk and all orders or requests. Taking that extra couple of minutes to add a little personal flair as well as a personal touch to it makes it a lot easier to handle than strict business jargon. However, you can’t cross that line of etiquette between being business-like and getting too personal. Not only does that reduce the effectiveness of the email, but may cause the recipient to devalue it, meaning you won’t get as rapid or quality of a response as you need.

While getting or giving the information you need is the purpose of the email, being able to have that personal touch without being too personal is a balance to be cultivated. Business emails could be a simple one line “Here’s your information” or “I need this data” but adding a little bit of personal attention in the lead in and exit of the emails will smooth things and make it less like an order or imposition.

Lead in with a “How are you?” and if you know a little about the person, perhaps inquire about the family or a hobby. Then make your request or deliver your information. As you exit, express appreciation for their help or effort or express the hope the information you’re delivering will be useful. Don’t go into explicit details or get too personal. Those kinds of emails can be exchanged later if so desired, but business emails need to be clean and simple. You don’t want important information to get buried in a lot of personal information as the email may need to be forwarded to other people.

Business emails don’t need to be complex, but keeping in mind that people just like you will be getting them helps you understand what you will want to do. Basically, say “Hi!”, do the transaction, say thanks and its done. An extra few seconds to add that personal touch will go a long way towards building solid business relationships.