Personalized Post It Notes – Creative Business Marketing Ideas

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Let’s face it, Post-it notes are as great as sliced bread and as handy as pockets in pants. If you walk into any secretary’s office in America, you’ll find her monitor highly decorated with several colors of them, sometimes all the way around the monitor and maybe a few more stuck in strategic places on the desk as well. While PDA’s and Post-It apps for the computer have tried to replace those little pieces of paper, the sales for this neat little invention continues to go up.  Using personalized post it notes gives you a quick way to make fast notes and it also gives you a quick and dirty way to advertise as well.

Being able to put your company name and info on a post it note gives you the ability to include a pertinent note in lots of places where a customer can wind up with it. Whether you carry them in your pocket and leave a pack laying around at a customer site or you stick a note on a letter or other correspondence, a personalized post it note actually delivers two messages to the customer.

Since post it notes are so handy and useful, as well as being very inexpensive, giving a pack of them to a customer or client is cheap but effective advertising. There are a couple of ways to do it too. The first is to simply make a note on a pack for the client and leave the whole pack on their desk. This is especially effective if you need to see someone and they’re not in. Write a note with a “Sorry I missed you” and contact info on it and leave it for them.

The other way is to do a “Thanks for your business” pack with a letter about how much you appreciate doing business with the company and include a pack of personalized post it notes. Not only will the client appreciate the letter, but the post it notes will get tossed in the desk drawer for use later. This means your company name will be in front of them for several months, or as long as the pack of post it notes holds out. For a couple of bucks, including postage, you’ve placed your company name in front of the customer for a long, long time. That’s some truly cheap advertising.