Custom Report Covers That Help Win Business

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

When we were in school and that big report was due, the first thing we did was make sure it was in a report cover. Not only did this keep the report all in one place and in order, but it made it much easier to handle, especially for the teacher. Instead of having to keep track of stacks of papers stapled in the corner, having the end of term reports in a cover meant that in the result of a mishap, the papers didn’t wind up all over the floor. However, when it comes to today’s business environment, custom report covers can make the difference between a good presentation and a presentation that sells.

Granted, report covers make a difference when it comes to organization. Having papers and other information organized in a sensible manner is the only way to make sure a presentation goes the way you want it to. The drawback is, like the teacher who has received a hundred reports to sort through and grade, all of those plain blue report covers begin to look the same and all the information begins to blur together.

However, if a student turns in a report in an orange folder instead of blue, the teacher notices and pays more attention to the contents. This same concept applies to having custom report folders for your presentation. You want your presentation to be memorable in every way possible and having that report cover stand out is just as important has having great products or a great PowerPoint especially since the report and that cover goes with whoever is in your audience.

Not only will a custom report cover be impressive during the presentation but when the client gets home with it and piles it with other reports and presentations, when he goes back to that stack, your report cover will ensure they notice it first. This means your prospective customer is looking right at your report because your custom report cover stands out. If your offerings are very similar to others they’re looking at, that report cover, simply because it is custom, looks good and represents quality will win you that customer.

Don’t doubt the fact that a report cover can make a difference. Look at the reports you’ve had in your hands in the past and recall the ones that made the most impression in you. Odds are it wasn’t a standard blue report cover that piqued your interest. Custom report covers don’t cost more than a plain one. They cost less because you’re winning more business and getting more profits because of them.