How To Make Postcards That Get Noticed

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Believe it or not, one of the most powerful marketing tools is actually one of the simplest. Over the years, lots of approaches have been taken to put your message in front of potential customers and some have had good success, but none have had any better success than the lowly postcard. That’s because a postcard, whether it’s mailed, picked up off of a table at a conference or trade show or handed out is small enough to stick in a pocket but has enough real estate on it to put a lot of sales information. For such a small card, you can make a post card do a lot of work.

There are two sides to the card meaning you’ve got at least 4 areas you can use to put information into depending on your design. To make a post card, you’ll want to use a template for your favorite word processor that is the size of the card you’ll be using. This enables you to work with graphics, photos, text and widgets to make sure you’re getting the best looking and most effective use of your ad space. As you make your post card using lots of color, bold text and a slick surface on the front side means the card will be looked at. On the back, you can use the left side for product info, sales info and even special discount offers when coupled with a trigger on the front will make sure they read the ad copy.

And making changes to your post card layout to progress through an ad campaign is easy to do, so there’s no reason you can’t continue to use the power of the post card in every aspect of marketing your products and services. They’re inexpensive to start with and the post office has a special rate for post cards which is even less expensive than flyers or even bulk rate. This makes the return on your investment with post cards higher than with almost any other mail out. But the effectiveness of the post card doesn’t end at the mail box.

Putting post cards in promo packs and making post cards into “oversized” business cards enables you to put them in places where a flyer or brochure just doesn’t work. Since post cards are made of heavier paper stock than virtually any other advertising paper used, this means it has lots more applications than just something to mail out. Thinking outside the box a little will give you all kinds of ideas on how you can make post cards an integral part of your marketing style. You’ll be surprised at how well they work.