The Goal of a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign: Make the Phone Ring

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Direct mail marketing campaigns have probably been around ever since Ben Franklin invented the post office. What could be easier than putting together a flyer, letter, brochure, postcard or circular and having them delivered right to the mail box of everyone in your target audience? Direct mail campaigns has continually one of the most effective forms of advertising and even in the world of the internet, is still extremely effective.

Even though email and instant messaging have become the preferred methods of communication, the post office still delivers millions of pieces of advertising materials every year. Marketing firms and departments for virtually every company spend a huge amount of time and money developing flyers, brochures, postcards, catalogs, circulars and advertising slicks that get delivered into the homes and mailboxes of virtually everyone every day.

While other forms of advertising, most notably television commercials, radio advertising and internet banner ads are effective as well, only direct mail marketing campaigns deliver tangible advertising materials directly into the hands of the recipient. All the different methods of direct mail gives whoever gets it something they can hold in their hands and look at. If sample product is included, that also gives them the ability to check out the quality and the suitability of the products which simply isn’t possible with other forms of advertising.

And in terms of economy, direct mail advertising is usually much less expensive to implement than almost any other except for door hangers and flyers in wiper blades. This makes direct mail marketing campaigns one of the most effect forms of advertising because the return on the investment is usually as good, if not better than other advertising media. Check out all of the types of direct mail advertising and see which ones will work best for your company. You’ll be impressed with how well it works.