7 Business Presentation Tips to Wow Your Audience

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Business presentations can be one of the trickiest things in the world to get exactly the way you want it and still keep your audience interested. The main point of a presentation is to either show off a product, service or to go over information that people in the audience needs to know. Unfortunately, the most common theme for most business presentations is the fact that they are consistently dull and boring which means that after about 5 minutes, you’ve lost your audience. However, there are some business presentation tips you can incorporate that not only keep your audience interested, but will totally Wow them in the process.

1-    One of the most impactful business presentation tips is to use video clips to add motion and sound to your presentation. Clips that have the best impact are those where something exciting or beautiful is going on. Soaring birds, sports action, panoramic scenery and other similar shots not only attract eyes to the presentation but can be voiced over with uplifting or exciting sales patter
2-    Have a soundtrack going. Background music keeps minds engaged when looking at charts or other static sections
3-    A very important business presentation tip is to keep moving. If you’re on a stage, don’t stay behind the podium and do gesture towards the screen to emphasize points.
4-    Have a presentation package ready for your audience in a nice presentation folder or box. This gives them something to mess with while you’re doing your presentation and a well organized pack lets them follow along with their materials.
5-    Use props to exemplify concepts and ideas. If possible, have the prop included in the presentation pack that’s handed out.
6-    Change pace during the presentation. Having a presentation that is one pace for the entire time becomes mind-numbing to the audience so changing pace gives them a break.
7-    End on an upbeat note. Even if your presentation is filled with negative information (bad company income reports, etc.) by finding the silver lining or that ray or sunshine leaves your audience feeling good about your product or the information you presented.

Even though business presentations are all about the business, in order to get your points across, the best presentation tip is that it has to be a balance between entertainment and solid information. By using these presentation tips, hopefully the entertainment side will be easier to incorporate so your audience will stay awake and engaged in your presentation. Finding that balance can be tricky, but once you’ve found that magic point, you’ll be able to recreate that balance in future presentations. Not only will your presentations be more effective, but your audience will appreciate the fact that your presentations are actually great to be a part of.