Clear Consistent Communication: Understanding the importance of Branding Your Business

Designing Your Business Communication

Each day we’re bombarded with branding from hundreds, if not thousands of companies in virtually every way possible. We’re visually assaulted on our televisions, newspapers, magazines and internet sites. We drown in audio from television, radio and more internet sites. Even when we use products like a razor or deodorant, the first thing we usually notice is the branding. Obviously, branding is of the most importance to a business so clearly and consistently putting your brand in front of customers and potential customers is vital to branding your business.

While there are some obvious branding opportunities such as having your logo on your business vehicles, on your letterhead, business cards and other correspondence, finding other branding opportunities would seem to be a challenge.  With a little out of the box thinking however, you’ll find that there are hundreds of ways to push branding your business and taking advantage of them is very simple.

The goal of branding is to put your business name, logo and anything else pertaining to your business in front of as many people as possible as often as possible. By expanding what your logos and business name are on, this increases your branding exposure thereby increasing sales as you’ve increased the statistical universe your branding covers. Making the investment in coffee mugs, t-shirts, coasters and other promotional products with your brand on them and distributing them at trade shows, conventions and even as give-aways to your customers puts your brand in places you can’t reach in any other way. By doing so you’re able to more consistently put your brand in front of their eyes and in front of the eyes of those around them that see the coffee mug or t-shirt.

Branding your business in unconventional ways ensures you’ll be seen by people who ordinarily wouldn’t be looking at it or for it. This enables you to reach unexpected audiences, but by doing so, you’ll be increasing sales in unexpected ways. Communicating your brand in every way possible including putting your logo on your products reinforces the initial branding opportunity every time the product is seen and being able to reinforce your brand with multiple views enhances the customer’s awareness of your company.

Aside from direct advertising such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as billboard, using sponsorships for local sporting events, schools and charities will enable you to place branding for your business in front of hundreds, even thousands of people with a single investment point. Coupled with all the other branding opportunities available, you’ll see that your brand is consistently and continually being seen. While you may not reach the saturation levels of companies that spend millions of dollars per year on advertising, you’ll be amazed at the level of penetration you can achieve in your market with well placed branding.