Need Inspiration? Try These 10 Creative Business Card Design Tips

Designing Your Business Communication

Here are some business card design tips that will help you create an attractive, appealing business card that lets others know who you are and what your business is all about:
  1. Use vibrant colors to pique interest or emphasize something but no more than 3-4 different colors
  2. Use colors from your logo or other marketing materials
  3. Only include a photo if it’s a very good one of you and appropriate
  4. Avoid the use of clip art on your business card—use images that are unique to you and your business
  5. Keep the colors, style and language consistent with your website and other marketing materials
  6. Text should be aligned left; centered text is sometimes difficult to read and put text on front of card only
  7. Avoid unusual, difficult-to-read fonts, font that is too small, or more than one or two fonts and avoid light-colored font
  8. Keep the information clean and simple. Avoid visual overload such as maps, multiple locations, appointment information, etc. Folded business cards are an excellent choice when you have a great deal of information to convey.
  9. Make sure your business card design matches the overall theme of your business.
  10. Don’t deviate from the standard size and shape of business cards (3.5 x 2”) so it fits into most wallets, business card holders and business card scanners

If you follow these simple business card design tips, you may notice more

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