Create a Business Email Address Quickly and Easily

Online Marketing Ideas

If you are trying to create a company email address, there are some things that should be taken into consideration. Most likely, a lot of people are going to see your business email address, so it is very important that it “matches” your business and is professional. By “matching” your business, here is what we mean. Say, for example, you are the owner of a funeral home. You would certainly not want a humorous email address with some type of pun or other play on words. While some business owners find this strategy (word play) clever, we find it’s best to consider how the majority of people feel about your business and go with that perspective. Most people would find a joke or pun about death offensive and would not contact you after seeing your business email address.

A business email address should be easy to remember and fit nicely on business cards. When your company’s email address is catchy, people will not have to write it down when they see or hear it. This is ideal for when your email address is given out over a radio advertisement or is on a vehicle passing by in traffic.

Follow these easy steps to create a business email address that works.

  1. Decide on usernames for the business email address.
  2. If the name of your business is ABC Childcare,  you can have the usernames include their title and then the domain name ( Or, you can use actual employee names. The “domain name” is what comes after the @ sign in any email address.
  3. If you don’t have a company website with available email addresses, you can still create business email accounts. When you sign up (there is usually a fee involved), you select the username and domain name you want to use, make sure it is available and pay the fee. You will know immediately if the domain name you choose is available.

Caveats: When you use a service for setting up custom domain emails, please read the fine print of their terms of use and all agreements as you may be giving them the right to own your email domain, which means you will not be able to add that email domain name to your website later.

Do not use copyrighted or trademarked names in your business email address.

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