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Online Marketing Ideas

It’s evident that social media is here forever. Even those of you who were once averse to these seemingly juvenile chatting and hook up sites must admit that now, you too, make a habit of updating your Facebook status or Tweeting at least once a day. It’s ok. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Facebook, Twitter and the like are now much more than social sites; they are tools to promote your business online. Knowing the different types of social media will help you brainstorm online marketing ideas.

There are four types of social media: (1) blogs, (2) social networking sites, (3) social bookmarking sites, and (4) forums. You are currently reading a blog. Let’s discuss the four types of social media for online marketing.

A blog will be found on a website; it’s a series of short, informative or entertaining articles about topics that usually can be found on the website. A business geared toward catering will have blogs about food and beverage, entertainment, hosting parties, etc.

A social networking site, like Facebook and hundreds of others, is a site created for people to share information about themselves with other site visitors. At these sites, you can “connect” with people by linking your information to theirs. You can remove anyone from your “list” of contacts at any time. MySpace is another popular social networking site.

A social bookmarking site is a site where people can organize, store and manage their bookmarks online (bookmarks are sites they have noted as a favorite site). In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages they want to remember and/or share. Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon are popular social bookmarking sites.

An online forum is the formal name for a message board. You have probably seen a message board at major news sites like cnn and msnbc, where site visitors can comment on a news story and then follow the “thread” (a single conversation) to see what others have to say. Those who comment can then continue the exchange until it is removed by the site owner.

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