Three Elements to Small Business Branding Strategy

Designing Your Business Communication

Many successful small business owners claim there are three key elements that you must have (and must do well) in order to successfully brand your business. PaperDirect knows that there is a great deal of information about small business branding strategy available on the Internet, so we have tried to find a few elements that most business owners agree upon. Having a good logo, tagline and business image are the three elements to small business branding strategy that keep coming up in other articles. You must have a logo that customers will remember, a tagline that is clever and/or catchy and a positive business image.

Once your business has a name, it needs a logo, which is simply a graphic image that represents your company. Some famous logos most people immediately recognize are the Nike “swoosh,” the Playboy bunny, Mercedes Benz hood ornament, Harley Davidson Motor Cycles, McDonald’s golden arch, the Audi interconnected silver circles, and the Apple computer logo. You want your logo to be memorable, easy on the eyes, and fairly simple. You also must make sure it’s original. When people see your business logo, they will think of you, so let’s look at some tips to help you create an awesome logo to brand your small business.

Powerful, memorable logos are crisp and clean. You want a logo that is memorable and will catch someone’s attention at a moment’s glance. You don’t anyone to stare at your logo for long periods of time trying to figure out what it is. Your logo should be appropriate to your business and work well with your company’s name. The logo for your company should clearly communicate what your company stands for.

Once you have created your logo, you need to begin thinking about a tagline for your business. Keep your tagline short and simple; three-seven words is the recommended length for a good tagline. The logo represents your company and what you want your customers to know about your company. Think of some of the most famous taglines in the U.S. and you will see what that they have these elements in common. “I’m lovin’ it,” “Don’t leave home without it,” “You’re in good hands…,” “The quicker picker upper,” “What’s in your wallet?” and “The king of beers” are all short, simple and between three and seven words.

The third element in small business branding strategy is that you must manage your brand and keep your image positive. Brand management is everything you do to make people associate positive opinions with your business. By keeping your customers satisfied and offering high quality products at affordable prices, your customers will will be happy, and they will keep coming back.

Use these small business branding strategy tips to help develop a strong brand for your business. You will see an increase in profit and customer retention in no time at all.

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