Different uses for Business Cards

Designing Your Business Communication

Business Cards can be a powerful and versatile marketing tool, not only can they be used as a great networking tool but many people and business use them in different ways.

  •  Loyalty card
  • Punch card
  • Discount card- Give customers a small discount every time they show you their card
  • Calling card- Add all your contact info to hand to friends and family
  • Tickets- Use as Tickets for a event
  • Coupons- Print as a coupon or one time discount
  • Gift cards- Use as a Gift cards for product or service
  • Name Tags- Use as name Tags for a event
  • Gift Tags-Great for Gifts tags on packages
  • Appointment Cards- Help clients remember appointments
  • Referral Cards for clubs or organizations
  • Calendars with upcoming Events
  • Survey Cards- Print a small survey for customers and clients