Send Business Marketing Emails with PaperDirect & Constant Contact

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How to Send Business Marketing Emails

Are you not utilizing email marketing for your business services because you’re not sure how to do it correctly?  Or do you have a business email marketing campaign running now that isn’t bringing you the returns you envisioned when it was created?  Have you failed to extend your email marketing campaigns to online conversion tools like Facebook and Twitter?  Maybe you’ve dealt with all the creative factors in your current email campaign and feel a professional might be needed to help you maximize the results of email marketing your business services to current and new customers.

Whatever might be keeping you on the sideline of email marketing it’s never too late to get into (or re-enter) the game! And now, thanks to the new partnership of PaperDirect and the email marketing gurus at Constant Contact, it’s never been easier to start!

Sending Business Marketing Emails That Work

The most common concern business owners have is how to send business marketing emails that work.  You may have tried email marketing in the past and considered it a waste of time as the number of new clients didn’t meet your expectations when you created your campaign.

Was it the design of the email that went out to your client base?  Was it the distribution method?  Did your email campaign get lost in spam filtering and never make it to your desired audience?  More often than not, it’s hard to answer these questions leaving most business owners frustrated and unsure what the next steps should be.

That’s why PaperDirect decided to partner with Constant Contact when it comes to email features that keep a business growing.  With Constant Contact’s expertise in email marketing, you’ll get:

  • The choice of more than 4,000 templates that are customizable to meet your email preferences
  • Easy-to-use editing tools that require no technical expertise to produce professional results
  • Cross-promotion of your project with Facebook and Twitter to leverage social media potential
  • The ability to grow your email lists easily and securely
  • Stats about your emails like who tweets, shares or likes your emails
  • Coaching support by phone, email or in person
  • Affordability – in fact you can start FOR FREE!

How do I get started?

The best part is you can get started with your business marketing email campaign right now! Email marketing is the easiest way to spread the word about your business services and the longer you wait, the more potential money you’re leaving on the table. Sign up for free and Constant Contact can have you designing your next business email marketing campaign the same day.

Don’t let previous failure or a fear of getting involved in digital marketing keep you from one of the 21st century’s proven customer growth tools – start connecting with your customers today!