Using Facebook for Business at the Holidays

Online Marketing Ideas

It’s that time of year again – when the holidays are just around the corner and you’re thinking about all the deals, sales and promotions you’ll be doing for your business. Every B2C (business to consumer) company knows that the holidays bring in huge numbers – whether it’s more traffic to your website or profits from sales. By now, you may have all your holiday strategies down for offline marketing. Now it’s time to start thinking how to apply creative social media ideas to your holiday marketing plans.

During this time of year, everyone is looking for the best deal. One of the best ways to bring attention to your site and your deals is to host a holiday giveaway on the company Facebook page. Offers could include prize bundles, gift certificates, a prize of their choice, etc. Whatever it is, make the entire giveaway holiday-themed in order to build excitement for your company. Here is one fun way you can use Facebook for business at the holidays:

Holding a giveaway on your Facebook page has a lot of benefits –

Increased Traffic: Bring people from around the web to your Facebook page and then lead them to your website after they enter the giveaway.

Bigger Community: Having people ‘Like’ your Facebook page before they can access the giveaway is an ideal way to build a bigger audience.

Brand Exposure: If your giveaway is worth talking about, then it will be highly shared online – therefore increasing your reach to hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have never heard of your brand before.

Build Lists: When people enter the giveaway, you can ask them to sign up for emails and offers from your company – that way you build an email list for re-marketing, while simultaneously building your Facebook community.

We just finished running a holiday giveaway on our Facebook page – We decided to offer up a free box of personalized holiday greeting cards and personalized envelopes from our selection of holiday cards. The giveaway did very well and attracted a huge number of people to our Facebook page and website.

Since we used targeted Facebook Ads toward people who listed Christmas related items in their personal interests, we reached a new crowd of people to bring back to our Facebook page for re-marketing purposes.

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