How to Brand Your Business Online

Designing Your Business Communication

Because your brand is your company’s face, you want people to easily find you. You really cannot put branding on the back burner as many people do. Branding can actually be the key to your success, so here are some tips on how to brand your business online because branding online is absolutely imperative in 2013.

One thing that all marketing experts emphasize is the need for consistency. As you market your business online, you must be consistent in how you appear online. For instance, all social icons should be the same. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr icons must be the same or people just won’t take you seriously and you won’t get noticed.

Your Facebook Welcome page must match your website, and your Twitter background, website, email template and email signature should all consistently display your brand prominently.

You should create a blog and be the industry expert no matter what your industry is; be consistent here and update your blog regularly, even daily.

Protect your name by making sure you have registered all various domains in case someone types in the wrong thing, they will still arrive at your website. You should secure a domain in your name with all variations including .com, .net and .biz.

You need a visually intuitive website and great multi-media content. Your website should be mobile optimized with apps that make it easy to buy products from mobile phones.

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