10 Professional Looking Fonts for Your Business Correspondence

Designing Your Business Communication

First impressions count. Ensure that your business email, sales letters and other correspondence make a great one by picking a font that is distinctive and visually pleasing.

Ten professional looking fonts to add to your arsenal:

  1. Serif Beta is a clean and beautiful serif font that is just different enough to make your professional correspondence stand out.
  2. Fontin Sans is a great choice for those who prefer a more modern look.
  3. Gentium is a family of fonts that is compact but highly readable. As a bonus to international businesses, Cyrillic characters are also supported.
  4. Aller Sans is an eye-catching alternative to Impact for subheads within professional communications.
  5. Helvetica. You can’t beat a classic. Helvetica is clean, simple and easy to read.
  6. Georgia is a serif font designed specifically for easy readability on digital screens. This makes it a great choice for email correspondence.
  7. Palatino Linotype was designed by typeface genius Hermann Zapf in 1948. In 1984, Apple introduced this classic to the modern age by including it as a default font. Pair with a high-quality letterhead to give depth and authority to your written correspondence.
  8. Cambria lends itself well to both on-screen reading and the printed word. It is a good choice for digital correspondence that is likely to be printed and shared.
  9. Century Gothic boasts one unusual attribute: when printed, this font uses 30% less ink than similar san serifs. It’s a great choice for attractive but economical written correspondence.
  10. Utopia is part of what is known as the Adobe Originals collection. This serif font is a lovely change for multi-page sales letters and newsletters.

When picking a font, try to use it as often as possible to give your correspondence a consistent look and feel. Pair your favorite font with quality papers from Paper Direct to create distinctive and recognizable correspondence that pleases the fingertips and the eyes of all who receive it.