Tips for Designing a Promotional Flyer

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Color Bazaar Border Paper by PaperDirectPromotional flyers remain an effective way to draw other companies and businesses to your own. You can master the art of designing a promotional flyer by focusing on several key elements that can really make your flyer stand out. Some Tips:

Eye-Catching Images

The imagery is typically the first thing that draws people to your flyer, so select with care. Go for high-quality digital photos or a decorative border paper that matches your message. A single larger image has a bigger impact than several smaller images.

Keep your strongest image on the top half of the flyer and, if you do opt to use several smaller images, try grouping them together. Decorative border paper may provide all the imagery you need on its own without the need for additional photos or illustrations.

Reader-Friendly FontRiding High Border Papers by PaperDirect

Just like you can confuse readers with too many images, you can do the same with too many font styles. Stick to one or two different font styles, such as Arial or Times New Roman. Bold the headline and feel free to use variations of your chosen style to further emphasize specific text. If you’re using Arial, for instance, choices include Arial Narrow or Arial Black.

Quality Stock

High-quality stock is a must for promotional flyers to convey your company’s professionalism and high-quality products or services. This is not the place to skimp. Stock thickness should be at least 28 lbs. with a glossy or super glossy sheen.

Motivating Message

If imagery is king for drawing readers to your flyer, your headline reigns as queen. Make it enticing enough for businesses to want to pick up your flyer and learn more. The rest of your message will work best if it’s persuasive, personable and written in the second person “you.”

Childs Play Border Papers by PaperDirectOne of the jobs of your flyer is to relay information. The other is to motivate readers into action. Do this with a clear call to action (CTA) that tells them what to do.

  • Visit our website
  • Sign up for our seminar
  • Schedule an appointment today

You can add another layer of motivation to your CTA if you offer readers an incentive that makes it more likely they’ll respond. Try including a coupon code or special offer they can redeem once they visit your website, sign up for your seminar, schedule an appointment or otherwise take your suggested action.

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