Unlocking the Promotional Potential of Quirky Holidays

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Christmas, Halloween and Easter can all be promotional gold mines, but when the standard holidays are far away, it never hurts to come up with a few new and unusual holiday marketing prospects. Instead of sticking with your tired holiday celebrations, why not take a more original approach and incorporate a few unusual holidays into your marketing effort?

Take a peek at a Weird Holiday Calendar for inspiration.

Some of our favorite weird holidays:

  • Father in Law Day (July 30th)
  • National Cheeseburger Day (August 19th)
  • Single Awareness Day (February 15th)
  • International Women’s Day (March 8th)
  • National Walk to Work Day (1st Friday of April)
  • Star Wars Day (May 4th)

Other Holidays and Promotional Ideas:

Pi Day –March 14th

Whether you are a proud math nerd or a baked goods connoisseur, you’ll find plenty to love about Pi Day! It also represents a great opportunity for concessions-based promotions, which are often some of the most effective for attracting new customers.

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – January 31st

During the dull month of January, there’s no better way to add a special spark into a dreary day than with a celebration of Inspire Your Heart With Art Day. This special holiday gives you the opportunity to go all out with your marketing materials, sharing your appreciation of art with the assistance of beautiful and inspiring postcards, brochures and letterheads.

National Tell A Joke Day – August 16th

National Tell A Joke Day provides the perfect opportunity for social media aficionados to encourage community interaction — just ask Facebook or Twitter followers to share their all-time favorite jokes!

Grandparents Day –September 7th

Enough with the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day promotions! Sure, everybody loves mom and dad, but sometimes, grandma and grandpa need some appreciation as well. Not only is this holiday great for attracting favor with the senior demographic group, it can also be aimed at younger customers eager to show their grandparents just how much they care.

Talk Like A Pirate Day –September 10th

September is a terrible month for holiday-based marketing. After the school year begins, you either have the option of beginning to market Halloween deals super early or waiting for an entire month before you can the benefits of holiday promotions. Mitigate this huge divide with the help of Talk Like A Pirate Day, a silly occasion that allows participants to embrace a very entertaining dialect.

From silly to touching, unusual holidays cover the full scope of emotion, making them perfect for targeting your unique customer base. This year, freshen up your marketing approach with a truly unique holiday celebration!