Empower your Female Work Force: Day of Hire

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. Empower your female work force from day one by making it easy for new hires to assimilate into your company.

A few techniques that are especially helpful for women who are new on the job:

Make It Easy to Get to Know Everyone

When your new employee first arrives, give her a tour and introduce her to everyone she will be working with.

To make it easier for her to learn names, create either an online or paper photo book. The book can be as simple as printed sheets inside a report cover and contain employee names, pictures, titles and brief bios of the other people who work for your company.

If it is feasible, schedule a department or company lunch sometime during her first week. This allows her to get to know the people she will be working with in a less formal setting.

It will help build rapport and foster better teamwork.

Use the Buddy System

By assigning a fellow employee who can be your new hire’s guide, she’ll have a go-to person for questions about her work and the company. This can save her time that would otherwise be spent wondering who to ask and make her feel more at ease.

This can also take the form of shadowing an established employee. By watching someone else in your department complete a task, your new hire can absorb important cues about company culture and procedures.

At the end of the day, walk through the jobs she saw completed and address any questions. While this can slow down her transition into her new position, you will be rewarded by her efficiency and knowledge in the end.

Give Her an Independent Project on Day One

An opposite tack is to let her start working independently immediately.

You can empower your female work force by letting new employees know at the start that you trust them. This is also a great way to see how your new hire performs under pressure and how well she is able to handle new or unexpected situations.

Be sure to praise her accomplishments in her new task while giving tips on best practices and ways to improve.

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