Small Business Tip #10 – Thank You Cards

Designing Your Business Communication

Thank you cards

Don’t wait any longer. Tell your customers just how much you appreciate their interest and business. If you’ve never written personal thank you notes to your top clients, do it before the end of the year. We can help you get started!

Writing Thank You Cards to Customers

Remind the Customer

Start with a few sentences about the project you partnered on and refresh their memory of your business and their order. Did you help them with a holiday promotion? Did you solve a problem they were facing?

Express your Gratitude

Your customer could have gone to a competitor, but they didn’t. They chose you. Express a sincere thank you for selecting your services or products. Explain that each transaction is personal and helps you grow as a small business. Thank them for their time and effort to work with you.

Offer additional Assistance

Let the customer know you’ll always be there for them. Remind them of your hours, ways to connect on social media, or if appropriate, how to reach you by cell phone. This will help you stay at the top of their mind next time they need your expertise.

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