Small Business Tip #12 – The New Year

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

2015 is just around the corner. Start off on the right foot after the New Year’s holiday by getting organized now.

4 Office Tasks to Do Before New Year’s Eve

  1. Update digital customer files. Delete emails that bounce back when you send group messages. Send out an email asking customers to update any new details including mailing addresses or phone numbers.
  2. Revise and order product and service brochures. You can’t sell what you can’t promote. Make sure you’re ready with 2015 pricing and a few new products to wow your customers.
  3. Make a business calendar. Hand out this free promotional product to your best customers so they see your logo and phone number every day of the year.
  4. Put your goals and dreams for 2015 in writing. Then have a staff meeting to strategize how to reach these goals. It’s easiest to make dreams come true when everyone is onboard!

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