Work Smarter, Not Harder. 5 Christmas Promotion Ideas for Stellar ROI

Business Marketing Ideas

With the year’s most profitable month fast approaching, it’s good to jumpstart an effective holiday marketing campaign- emphasis on the word effective. Too often companies take a scattershot approach to Christmas promotion ideas. You know what we mean- ubiquitous Christmas cards, uninspired discount cards, unwanted postcards and brochures. That sort of brute force attack is better at clearing forests than attracting customers.

Smart Christmas promotion ideas spring from customer value, not mere brand awareness. It’s about making a real production or contribution, thereby earning a seat in consumer consciousness. Follow us through some of our favorite Christmas promotion ideas for some meaningful ROI.

Branded food

Ever throw away free cookies and candies? We don’t either. That’s why chocolates or treats in custom food wrappers are such good promotions.

First, you’re satisfying your customer’s sweeth tooth- instant goodwill! Second, you’re creating the potential for mobility. When your client base is carrying around your wares in their purses and pockets, their awareness of you becomes more ingrained.

Gift card

There’s something visceral about receiving a gift card. Coupons and discounts cards are shed without a second thought, but gift cards linger in wallets for months or years. When a promotion has a concrete dollar amount, people would just as soon destroy cash.

For even more bang, a gift card attached to a company newsletter is a powerful combination. It instantly creates context and gives your customers some ideas on how to use your generosity.

Branded wrapping paper

Offering complimentary wrapping during the season is a great way to drum up some easy loyalty. After all, saving people from tedium is sure to be appreciated. But too often it’s overlooked as an effective promotion technique.

Rather than using standard patterns, take the initiative to print some custom wrapping paper. It’ll cement your distinctive brand identity while reminding your customers what swell folks you are!

Paper tree decorations

Christmas cards are a nice gesture, but let’s be honest… your customers probably aren’t sticking them up on the mantle. If you want your festive contributions to linger through the holidays, you’d be better off investing in something more distinctive. Paper lanterns and 3-D foldable paper ornaments are easy to brand, simple to produce, and pleasing to look at. Plus they certainly have more panache than a corporate card!


Want to keep you name in the house all year long? Give a calendar. Your brand will be staring your customers in the face throughout 2016 and driving repeat business.

More than anything else on this list, quality matters over quantity when it comes to calendars. Due to their decorative nature, make sure you’ve got great designs and great materials to offer to your loyal customers. Remember, it’s all about creating value for them.

Reach Out

The great news is that Paper Direct can help you coordinate all of these great Christmas promotion ideas. With the holidays right around the corner, you’ll want to get in touch right away. The sooner you begin your collaboration with us, the sooner we’ll have you on track for record breaking holiday sales!