What NOT to Send to your Clients This Christmas

Designing Your Business Communication

While many business focus on sales during the holiday season this time of year is also a prime opportunity to market your business to existing clients and potential leads. Sending a season greeting is a thoughtful gesture, however this effort can potentially offend recipients if you’re not careful. The following list of what not to send clients this Christmas will help you avoid burning any bridges you’ve built in your professional life.

A Pointless Card

Today it seems obligatory for businesses to send holiday greetings cards. However, this holiday obligation has lead to many people trashing cards from company because they serve no purpose. Yes, you’re trying to extend season’s greetings to your clients, but everyone is doing that so you have to stand out. To differentiate your business from the crowd, make your card useful, valuable or helpful to your clients.

An Overly Religious Card

Even though there’s red and green everywhere the eye can see, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Sidestep any uncomfortable situations with your clients by sending a postcard or letter that extends warm wishes without veering into religious territory. Many suggest a message that wishes Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, or a Happy New Year to your audience.

A Messy Card

Yes, glitter can be fun and festive but let’s be honest: it’s a total pain to clean up. It’s really easy to go overboard with the embellishments on Christmas cards. If you pick up a holiday card and find your hands coated in a layer of glitter, glue, ink, or any other craft supplies, consider a different option to send to your clients.

A Low-Quality Card

Especially as the end of the year approaches, you want to keep costs down. However, purchasing cheap cards to send to your clients will make a bad impression rather than conveying your Christmas wishes. Research how you can get the most bang for your buck with your client Christmas card budget so your holiday gesture makes a positive impression.

An Impersonal Card

Even though you’re sending cards to a long list of people, you want to make some effort to personalize each card. At the very least, handwrite the address on each envelope or sign your name to each card. Taking the extra time to add a personal touch to every card will go a long way with your clients.

A Not-So-Funny Card

Everyone enjoys a good laugh but people can be fickle when it comes to comedic gestures. While you might have found a Christmas card you can’t stop laughing over, your clients might find it ho-hum and cheesy. Cute and clever is one thing but outright attempts at humor, more often than not, end up falling flat.