Holiday Party Tips to Throw a Festive Christmas Bash

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Holiday Invitations by PaperDirect

The holiday season from Thanksgiving to after New Year’s Day is a favorite time of year for many people, but some consider this time of year to be stressful. If you are hosting a holiday party, you may be feeling more fearful than festive. But with the proper preparation and time-saving tricks, throwing a holiday party can actually be fun…

Gift Etiquette: Is Re-Gifting Practical, Forbidden, or an Art?

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Glee Tree Casual Invitations by PaperDirect

Re-gifting is a nice way to utilize unwanted or un-needed gifts that others may really need or enjoy. When it may be impossible or just impolite to make a return, re-gifting has become an acceptable practice (in most cases) for getting use out of something you really can’t use. Some people justify re-gifting by imagining gifts they’ve given to others…

Photo Christmas Cards–Send Your Family To Theirs

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Has sending out handwritten Christmas cards become a lost art? Has technology replaced paper and photo holiday cards because it’s easier and cheaper to send a text message or email with seasons greetings? We think NOT! Just imagine the joy your friends and family members will feel when they go to their mailbox and see it filled with actual Christmas…

4 Creative Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

office christmas party

Are you the lucky office manager who has been charged with planning this year’s big holiday party? Lucky you! If you work in a small office, your stress level should be manageable and you may even have fun planning the shindig, but if you work for a large corporation and people are expecting a holiday party of epic proportions, you…

Ideas for Personalized Holiday Cards

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

In this day of everything electronic, more and more people are taking short cuts to get holiday messages out to friends and family. This year, how about we slow things down a bit and approach holiday mailings a little more traditionally? Receiving a personalized holiday card with a handwritten note inside will surely make someone’s holiday brighter. Handwriting a personal…

Not Too Early to Plan Holiday Party

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Red Ribbon Delight Specialty Flat Invitations

It’s never too early to start planning for your holiday party this year! PaperDirect is your holiday party planning headquarters, and we have everything from Christmas invitations to thank you cards for any gifts people bring to your holiday event! Whether you’re planning a small, intimate affair in your home or a spectacular holiday bash in a huge venue such…

7 Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

In the Frosty Ai rCasual Invitation

It’s that time of year–the holiday season is here! If you’re hosting a holiday party, and you don’t consider yourself a mini-Martha Stewart, you may be in panic mode. Holiday decorating ideas do not have to be extravagant and expensive. There are quick and easy holiday decorating ideas that won’t cost you a bundle, either. Once you choose a theme…

Time for Holiday Office Party Tips

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

It’s that time of year–time to start planning your office holiday party. If you have a large office, you better hope you have some help because once Thanksgiving has come and gone, the few weeks in between fly by. If you have a small office gathering to plan or to participate in, you have plenty of time to think about…

Christmas Party Ideas for Teenagers

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Swirs of Stars Casual Invitations

Teenagers are a tough crowd when it comes to throwing a party. Teenagers usually want to appear cool to their friends, so if you do something that hurts their “coolness,” they blame you for the rest of your life for ruining their chances of being in the “in” crowd. If you are hosting a Christmas party for teenagers, there are…

Holiday Gift Certificates

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Calligraphy Fill In The Blank Gift Certificates

Deciding upon the perfect holiday gift for each person on your shopping list can be quite a challenge, especially for those friends and family members who seem to have everything or are super picky. When it comes to finding just the right gift for each and every person on your list, holiday gift certificates are a great idea that can…

Tips on Holiday Invitation Wording

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Sparkling Burgundy Casual Invitations

Sometimes it’s more important how you say something than what you say. When it comes to invites,  holiday invitation wording is just as important (if not more so) than the invitation’s design. Wording holiday invitations properly will pack the house and put everyone in the holiday spirit. Tips for Wording: Keep it Affiliate-Free It’s important to keep your audience in…

Five Office Holiday Party Suggestions

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Sparkling Snowflakes Fold-Up Invitations

Who doesn’t love going to a holiday party? Now let me ask this: Who doesn’t love hosting a holiday party? If you would rather go a party than organize one, you’re not alone. While most of us enjoy going to a party, not many of us enjoy planning and hosting a holiday party. And when you are charged with organizing…

Holiday Greets On The Cheap!

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Winter Twilight Holiday Postcard Papers

In today’s world, with the economic woes all too many people are suffering, spending tons of money, even around the holidays is almost impossible to do. Everywhere you look, people are doing everything they can to cut corners and save a buck. Even though gas isn’t at the mind-numbing prices it was just a few years ago, its still one…

Build Your Own Holiday Invitations and Save Money

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

In this economy, as tight as money has been for most people, anything you can do to save a dollar here or a dollar there is important. Even though gas prices aren’t at the horrendous levels they were a couple of years ago, people are still driving less, and combining trips to cut down on gas bills. And on the…

Creating the Most Unforgettable Holiday Parties

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

When it comes to the holidays, everyone knows there will be parties. Office parties, family parties, church parties, school parties, and even parties for the entire neighborhood. But creating truly unforgettable parties isn’t as easy as it sounds. Memorable parties are the ones that people will talk about for months afterward and hopefully they won’t be memorable because the guy…

Hosting Timely Events – Holiday Event Planning

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

The holiday season is upon us yet again, and as with every year, planning holiday parties and events is up for consideration. When it comes time to sit down and work up holiday party planning, the biggest issue, aside from where to hold the function, is when to hold the function. While a couple of dates are definitive, there are…