Where Can I Have a Birthday Party?

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Planning a birthday party (especially if you’re a novice) may be a little overwhelming at first, but with suggestions from PaperDirect, planning and holding a birthday party for a loved one or friend should be a blast whether the guest of honor is a child or an adult! Birthday parties need not be stressful. By having a plan in mind,…

Birthday Party Tips for Baby’s First Birthday

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One of the most memorable events of a young couple’s life is their baby’s first birthday party, so if you’re getting ready to plan your little one’s first birthday party, you may need some birthday party tips for kids’ parties. While many young parents have visions of throwing an elaborate party that will be unforgettable for all those who attend…

Kids’ Birthday Party Game Ideas

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There is nothing more fun than throwing a kids’ birthday party, but the key to having a successful kids’ party is to have games that will keep the guests and guest of honor entertained and busy. So, after all the decorations are bought, the food is cooked, and gifts are purchased, you have to come up with fun party game…

Cool Teenage Birthday Party Themes

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Depending on the person, birthdays can either be the most awesome day in the world, or the most dreaded. For teenagers, it’s a toss-up, but most teens really enjoy having a cool party for their birthdays. While getting together with friends and family and doing the cake and presents thing, throwing a teenage birthday party with a theme takes the…

Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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Everybody loves a birthday party regardless of your age. While adults enjoy birthday parties of others more than their own, kids love all birthday parties and wish they could have them every day. While every day would be a bit much, having great birthday parties when they do come around with cakes, presents and games makes that birthday party great. Having…

14 End of the Year Company Party Ideas

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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Looking for end of the year company party ideas? We have compiled 14 of the trendiest party ideas to help you ring in the new year in style at this year’s Christmas or holiday gathering. End of the Year Party Ideas: Comedy Show Comedy shows are typically inexpensive if you buy tickets in bulk. These are sure to make everyone…

Fall Party Invitations Perfect for Halloween

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When  you think of fall, your mind immediately goes to vibrant colors of foliage all around you–yellows, oranges, reds, coppers, browns, and various combinations of all of lovely hues we associate with this magical season. Fall is a great time to host parties, and there’s no shortage of occasions to throw a bash for friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and your…

Spooky Halloween Birthday Invitations

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People born on October 31, get to celebrate their birthday and Halloween, many people’s favorite holiday, on the same day. If your child is born on Halloween, you have many years of fun birthday/Halloween party planning to look forward to. If you host a birthday party for your child on Halloween, sending spooky birthday/Halloween invitations available from PaperDirect will set…

Planning the Paper Anniversary – Tips for the First Year Party

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Many married couples say their first anniversary (symbolized by paper) is the most exciting and most memorable. A first wedding anniversary is a great time to plan a celebration that gives the newlyweds many heartfelt memories for years to come. Paper Anniversary wedding parties are usually casual and inexpensive; after all, you have to save up for when you make…

Hosting an Outdoor Party – Tips to Consider

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The time to entertain outdoors is finally here again, so let’s get that yard and pool cleaned up, the house straightened, and the creative juices flowing, so you can host the outdoor summer party of the year! PaperDirect regularly offers birthday party tips, holiday party tips, and anniversary party tips, but today, we’re going to look at some tips for…

Mother’s Day Party Ideas

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Mother’s Day is a very big deal for many men and women around the country, as it’s a day to honor the woman who brought us into this world and make her day as special as possible. Whether you want to honor a biological mother, stepmother, adoptive mother, grandmother or just someone who has been like a “mom” to you…

Anniversary Tips: How to Throw the Perfect Party

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Do you have an anniversary coming soon? Are your parents or some other family member close to hitting a milestone in their lives such as thirty years on the job, married for twenty years, or maybe even married for fifty years or longer? If so, how about some anniversary tips for the perfect party to celebrate the momentous occasion of…

How to Throw a Surprise Party Successfully

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The key to throwing a surprise party is keeping the guest of honor from ever finding out, which is not easy. Another challenge throwing a surprise party presents is making sure the guest of honor actually shows up, and while many people say the only way to ensure this will happen is to hold the party at the guest of…

Fall Birthdays

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Throwing an Fall Birthday party doesn’t have to be boring, great decorations and invitations will help make your party stand out from the rest.  Use Fall Invitations, Fall Banners, and Fall Place cards to bring everything together.

Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

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Once you get past the teen-age years, most people don’t consider a birthday a time for a lot of fun. The older you get, the less likely you are to appreciate another birthday, so having fun really isn’t something that’s on the radar when it comes to a birthday celebration. However, any birthday becomes a birthday to remember when you…

How to Throw a Great Surprise Party

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Everyone loves a party. Even those who claim they hate surprises love them, too, once their heart restarts after everyone shouts “Surprise!” But there are a lot of ways to have a surprise party that veer away from the heart stopping celebrations everyone thinks of when the words “party” and “surprise” are used in the same sentence together. That’s where…